Remember is about extinction of memories, a negative glass panel made in 1890’s was lying on the white rectangle column and you have to push a flash button to see an image of the glass panel. When you push the button, a strong light brightens the whole glass panel for a short moment and then light get dissipated. The image only appears when there is a flash light so your brain can’t remember the whole image of the glass panel. Therefore viewers would press the button several times trying to remember the whole image. The irony is that even though new images are produced, previous images will start to disappear by the lapse of time, hence it’s not easy for viewers to recollect accurate whole images of a glass panel. The artist represents the discrepancy; the more you try, the less you get to remember.


Remember, 2012
View of exhibition, “Remember”, 2012 Busan Biennale, Busan
Mixed-media installation
(negative glass plates, flash light)
Various dimension
Courtesy the artist and Busan biennale 2012